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9 Practical Tips To Reduce Your Decision Fatigue

Happy Monday!

It’s been proven that the number of decisions you have to make per day is directly correlated to your mental capacity to make clear decisions. Eating clean and working out regularly is DIFFICULT! So why make it harder on yourself than it has to be? Why force yourself to make the same decisions over and over, resulting in decision fatigue?


If you want to do more of something, reduce the number of decisions around whatever that something is! Here’s how:


9 Practical Tips to Reduce Your Decision Fatigue:


  1. Before you go grocery shopping for the week, write out a 7-day menu for breakfast/lunch/dinner each day and only buy the ingredients you need.
  2. Set out your workout clothes and what you’re going to wear to work the night before.
  3. Have your water with sea salt + apple cider vinegar ready to drink first thing in the am.
  4. Prep your meals once for the week OR prep every three days OR prep the night before. Just make sure you PREPare beforehand!
  5. Sign up for your workout classes for the week and write the workouts into your phone calendar AND daily planner (if you use one) as appointments you can’t miss.
  6. Schedule in times each day where you can meditate, stretch and foam roll. Even if it’s only two minutes!
  7. Set rules for checking your phone: Try a 50:10 interval. Work for 50 minutes with phone on silent, then break for 10 minutes and check/use your phone.
  8. If you’re going out to eat, review the menu ahead of time and decide what you want.
  9. Map out each day the morning of or night before.
    – Pick the top 3 things you must do today personally.
    – Then decide the top 3 things you must do professionally!


What’s one thing you will do this week to reduce YOUR decision fatigue?










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