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My Podcast Story and 3 Lessons

Happy Monday!

Creating, managing, and hosting my own podcast has been something I’ve wanted to do for several years. The audio medium has made a profound impact in my own life through leveraging my time in the car by listening to audio books and podcasts.


In October 2017, I finally made the jump and decided to launch a daily podcast, seven episodes a week! I had thought long and hard about it and figured I had a good plan in place:

  • I hired a guy to take my audio and post it so I wouldn’t have to worry about that component.
  • I already post everyday on social media, so why not sync up my messages?
  • Despite all my success in the industry to this point, I have yet to develop tens of thousands of followers. I figured I’d compete with some of the household names by delivering more.


Very early on I learned what worked on social media didn’t always translate to podcasts, so now I was posting daily and coming up with 7 different podcasts every week!


After a few months of the daily podcast, I decided to start replaying older episodes on the weekend.  Then week after week I’d reach out, schedule, research and conduct 1-3 interviews then create another 1-5 episodes based on how many more I needed.


Once I opened IN30, I realized that this daily format wasn’t going to be sustainable while I was running a new company, remotely operating m.e.l.t., and coaching every day. So I told myself I would commit to a full year of daily podcasts before switching the format.


More often than not, I’d be recording episodes late into the night only to have to wake up early the next day.


Then finally, something clicked. I realized that it was my ego, not my purpose (or higher self) that kept telling me that this was something I had to do. It became more about creating the content than connecting to the audience and enjoying the process of doing so.


I remembered something a mentor of mine, David Jack, had told me a few years earlier: ‘Sometimes quitting is when you keep going when you know you should stop.’


Yet I was still apprehensive until I finally made the switch. Starting today, the podcast will be weekly with a NEW format that I believe will be a better overall experience for all listeners. The new podcast format offers more value and even better quality content!


Now, why did I share that long-winded story?  To provide context for some lessons I’ve taken away from the podcast experience that I believe will also be valuable for you:


3 Lessons I’ve Learned From Creating My Podcast


  1. Experience is more powerful than your own rationalizations.How many times has someone (parents, partner, mentor, etc.) given you advice, you did the exact opposite of what they recommended, and what they told you ended up being true?
  • You can yell at your cat to get off the stove but he is only going to stay off the stove once he burns himself.
  • Hindsight is always 20/20 and if everyone listened to rational advice, we’d never try new, risky things and worse, we’d never accomplish great breakthroughs.
  • Listen to people you respect who have experience in the area in which they’re offering you advice, but take it with a grain of salt. Let your gut be your guide.


  1. Re-learning the same lesson is a part life’s journey.
  • We’re not designed to be perfectly designed computers with unlimited hard drive space. We think, learn, feel—and then forget. That’s what makes us human!
  • While you shouldn’t make the same exact mistake twice, sometimes you need to learn the same lesson a few times before you can move on.


  1. If the ‘what’ and ‘how’ start to mess with your ability to fulfill your ‘why’, then it’s time to change course.

Sometimes this calls for only a slight adjustment, while other times you’ll need to make a big change. In any event, listen to your gut and make the hard decision as soon as possible.



Ultimately, remember that while challenges and what you perceive as setbacks, failures, or losses aren’t always easy to deal with, it’s the very act of navigating these obstacles makes life worth living!  We grow into the best versions of ourselves by solving problems and tackling adversity. And if nothing else, we’ll never get bored!


By the way, if you haven’t checked out our podcast yet, I’d love for you to download a few episodes and subscribe! “Fat Radio” can be found on iTunes podcast, through any podcast player on your android device, Spotify, and Sound Cloud!










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