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Live Easier and Reduce Suffering

Happy Monday!

Let’s imagine you hate snakes, as I do.


Now let’s imagine you were hiking through the woods and came across a big snake in your path!


Assuming you do not like snakes, how would you feel?


You’d probably feel a lot worse than if you were at a zoo and your friend wanted to go into the snake exhibit.


You might still be uneasy, but you wouldn’t be as jumpy or thrown off because you would expect snakes to be inside a snake exhibit and you accept that they would be all around you.


Too often in life when things get thrown in our way we lose our sh*t and allow our mind to run wild, making whatever happened into a bigger deal than it is. In most cases, our reactions are worse than the thing itself.


True suffering, as Noah Rasheta says, is always craving for life to be other than it is. Rasheta talks about how life will be easier once we realize that life is suffering and not to take it personally.


On the surface, that sounds pessimistic but it’s the complete opposite – it’s being optimistic.  No matter how much you wish dream and hope, you can’t control what happens; you can only control what you do and how you react.  When we can accept this truth—that nothing in our life is permanent—who we are and what we have today, then…


If you never do resistance training, your body will eventually deteriorate. As you age, whatever small amount of muscle you were able to retain through daily tasks will go away and your body’s ability to perform even the most basic tasks will dramatically decrease. But, if you regularly perform resistance training, you will be ahead of the natural degeneration of muscle (sarcopenia) and put yourself in a position to stay as active as possible for the rest of your days.


Resistance training is change, challenge, adversity, & obstacles for your muscles. Muscles only grow in response to new stimulation. The same is true for our minds. No matter what you do, if you stop learning you will become worse at whatever it is.


Show me the most “with it” 80 + year old and I can guarantee you that person regularly exercises (relative to their age), does something to stimulate his/her brain and is socially active. Whereas most elderly people who start to lose it do not get regular exercise and brain stimulation and are socially isolated.


Growth is the essence of life and through every perceived bad thing that happens, we have the opportunity to become a better version of ourselves.


Relax Into Obstacles — Don’t Resist Them


I don’t say “relax” as another way to say “take it easy” because so much of what we go through is already not easy!  What I mean is to be as level-headed, unemotional, and objective as possible so you can more easily get past the thing that happened. As opposed to being off guard, getting reactive, and allowing irrational thoughts to overcome your mind.


If something happens that we do not like or want, fighting it (and the suffering that will result from fighting) will not help us get through it.  What we can do is our best to look at it objectively and ask ourselves – okay, this is happening, what  are the truths to this situation, and what is the very next thing I can do to make this better?


Kyle Kingsberry likens the human body to a perfectly designed ship. Ships work perfectly when they are anchored in a calm harbor. But they’re not made to stay in harbor, they’re made to be out in the rough seas.


Expect that the journey through life will be difficult at times and cause suffering, and that challenges will arise when you least expect it.  Just know that we are designed to face and overcome any obstacle that could ever get thrown in our way. Have an open mind and think in terms of positive outcomes.






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