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Remember Tetris?

Happy Monday!

Remember the electronic game Tetris?


Random clusters of squares would fall down the video screen and you would try to maneuver and rotate them to perfectly fit into open spaces.  You couldn’t control the speed, the shape, or the size of the pieces that came down—all you could do was to assess quickly and do your best.


I’m sure you know that chess is also a game of maneuvering pieces. The rules are simple, but the variations in play are numerous and complex and require thinking far ahead of how the pieces are currently on the board.


Life is much like a game of Tetris. Unfortunately, we try to play it like a game of chess.


Instead of responding fluidly to whatever highs and lows life sends us, we try desperately to anticipate the future and control/protect all our pieces. And while it’s good to plan, we can’t control what happens to us.  All we can do is respond to the best of our ability.


Given our human need to plan ahead, it’s really difficult to remember this “response strategy” from moment to moment. We are programmed to react emotionally when confronted with challenges, so the “Game of Life” requires learning to quickly let of what we cannot control and focus on productive, forward-moving action.


Respond to Life Challenges

Here are some tools to help you more readily respond to life’s challenges:

  1. Active Awareness: Acknowledge that you can’t control what happens, but can control how you respond.
  2. Meditation: Carve out 1 minute a day, sit somewhere quiet and do your best to simply focus on breathing in and out. In time, increase to two minutes, 5 minutes, and more.
  3. Active Practice:  When small, seemingly “stupid” annoyances arise, conciously let go and be as objective as possible. Practicing on the small stuff will help you deal with the big stuff!


These tools that will help you assess and respond better to life’s curveballs. Just remember the goal is NOT an ‘emotion-free’ response, because that’s just not possible.


Let “Tetris” be a trigger and remember it as you attack the week!








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