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Small Doses for the Win

Happy Monday!

Have you ever really want something, finally you get it or achieve it, and then…you’re already over it, wanting the next thing?


It’s called Hedonic Adaptation and is ingrained in our human nature. Hedonic adaptation (also known as the hedonic treadmill) is the observed tendency of humans to quickly return to a relatively stable level of happiness—despite major positive or negative events or life changes.


It’s very common in fitness. People who either never worked out before or never could get into a routine, start at m.e.l.t. or IN30, start working out regularly, getting stronger everyday…but then almost completely ignore the fact that they’re showing up to work out.


Don’t get me wrong, EVERYONE should workout at least 3 times/week; to think you don’t have to is pure ignorance. But that being said, it is VERY challenging for you to make the time and show up! That’s something we should never take for granted.


The ego is our enemy; always pushing us to compare ourselves to someone else, creating a reality where nothing is ever good enough. When that is the premise, it’s easy to start thinking, Why should I do anything at all?’


That thinking is toxic!


Next time you get these negative thoughts, recognize them for what they are – not real and not productive.


Recognize Opportunities for Small Doses of Improvements:


Each and every day is loaded with opportunities for small doses of improvements. The trick is learning to recognize and/or to create these opportunities, take advantage of or implement them whenever possible, and to acknowledge each and every small dose of improvements. Your own small doses of improvements could be:


  • Meditate for one minute a day…


  • Roll the bottom of your foot (or any body part) for 30 second each side…


  • Pack one meal for tomorrow…


  • Order sauce on side OR no bread OR salad instead of fries…


  • Do 5 minutes of exercise instead of nothing at all…


  • Use a heavier weight for two reps before going back to previous weight…


“Not enough” is a relative term and always trumps the alternative of nothing at all. Small doses of improvements will improve your life in a slow-but-steady fashion, which is much better than any grandiose plans for huge life changes. Those grandiose plans crash and burn with alarming frequency!


Don’t get caught up with the inner chatter from your ego or from made-up societal norms – the only comparison that matters is who you are today and what you’ve done today, compared to who you were and what you did yesterday.










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