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The Question You Should Ask

Happy Monday!

With the massive convergence of technology into our lives, to say that we live in an overwhelming world would be an understatement.


At any given second, we have a device in our pocket (if not our hands) that can connect us to anyone, anything, anywhere we could ever dream of. And as a result, we pick up our phone at every free moment.


Social networks bring us into everyone else’s lives. But those glimpses are carefully staged, edited, and highly curated.  We wrongly assume all those moments are spontaneously occurring, exactly as depicted. Our lives feel drab and pale in comparison. We begin to question ourselves and desire everything we don’t have.


In the midst of it all, we are faced with the typical day-to-day stresses at work and at home.


Because of all of this, we often find ourselves stuck. We become confused between what we have to do, what we think we should do, what’s really happening, and what we think is happening.


Our small self (ego) is constantly comparing what we do/don’t do & have/don’t have. The endless comparisons make us feel shame and question ourselves.


It’s a lot.


I subscribe to a reddit called “History Porn” which is a daily feed of (non-pornographic–get out of the gutter!) pictures from history. It’s incredible!  I love scrolling through it every day as I am a history geek at heart.


I am especially amazed at seeing photos of old cities like downtown Los Angeles or New York City hundreds of years ago – you’d never know what you see today is what it once looked like. If you traveled back in time and showed a current picture of Times Square to someone, they would think you were an alien or question if you had spent too long at the local saloon.


LA and NYC, like Rome, weren’t built in a day. Rather the cities evolved over many, many decades.


Sky scrapers aren’t built overnight. A huge foundation is built first. Then each floor is added, one at a time.


Next time you feel overwhelmed, close your eyes and take 6 deep breaths.


Then ask yourself this very important question: “What’s the most important thing I can do right now?


Then focus on that thing until completion, and move onto the next.


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