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6 Realities You Need to Face

Happy Monday!

Our society has this fitness thing ALL WRONG.


  • We hear someone lost X lbs. in a short period of time on the “XYZ Diet” and then expect to easily adapt that diet into our lives and see those same results.


  • We expect to follow a diet 100% of the time, all the time.


  • We eat clean sometimes but indulge more frequently than we like to admit, yet expect not even our best body but the body of a friend or someone you saw on Instagram.


  • We convince ourselves that next week or New Years Day is a better time to start because right now you have too much going on.


  • We expect to be able to easily perform a functional move we’ve never done in our life.


  • We think that just because a workout is too difficult the first time we’ve ever done it, or because we are sore from it that we can’t ever do it.


  • We think that we should feel like working out all the time and when we don’t or we don’t feel like it, we believe we are lazy.



Here are 6 Realities about Fitness:


1. Thinking you can perfectly stick to a diet is the same as believing there will be a magic pony in your garage tomorrow that will take you anywhere you want to go. The reality: there are no magic ponies. You’re an imperfect human like everyone else so give yourself some leeway.

2.  Most success in dieting has nothing to do with the diet but comes from people going from not thinking about what they’re eating without any regard for calories or nutrients to becoming aware of calories in/out. The reality: being aware of what you eat is hard, controlling a level of what you allow in/out is much harder – focus on a few healthier habits that you could do that you would do rather than the trendy diet.

3.  Comparing your progress or lack thereof to someone else is like having a dog with whom you expect to hold a conversation. It’s a failed premise because it’s two completely different organisms. You and that woman on the magazine cover both are human, have two eyes, two arms and two legs but that’s where the comparison ends. The reality: EVERYTHING else is different from her genetics (which are never to completely blame or give credit to but still part of it), her environment growing up, her fitness background, her potential suffering she deals with to have a body close enough to what you see – close enough because its never the same as there’s rounds of editing/Photoshop/make up and lighting that go into it. Rather, compare yourself to who you were yesterday and focus on small incremental growth.

4. Thinking you will be less busy & therefore have more time to work out next month is as rational as not brushing your teeth & showering because you’re too busy yet expecting to have good hygiene. Yet you feel or shall we say “smell” the impact of not brushing your teeth and showering immediately. The reality: regardless of whether or not you want to, you make time for both activities at least once a day. You can go a long period of time without working out and not realizing negative side affects, but it will only get harder to start and when something happens (injury, illness), it will be far worse than if you just started when you didn’t feel like it. You will always be “busy” – the best time is now.

5.  Would you yell at your newborn for not being able to walk right away? Gosh, I hope not! Yet, so many of you are harsh on yourself for having trouble with functional movement that requires strength, stability, balance and much more. The reality: Give yourself a break and remember at one point you couldn’t even crawl, then you could but couldn’t walk then you could walk – barely before you could move freely. It’s a process but a worthwhile one.

6.  Showing up is half the battle! – This cliché actually under estimates the benefits when it comes to fitness. Forget 50%, if you just show up and give 25% effort, you’re 25% better than doing nothing at all. The human body and mind will always default to take the least path of resistance, which is what makes wanting to exercise so difficult. The reallity: it’s the workouts that we don’t feel like doing but get done that separates people who are higher in body fat and unhealthy compared to their fit counterparts.










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