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The Mindset Shift to Avoid a Holiday Hangover

Happy Monday!

Gluttony is good…sometimes. Too much food—a “holiday hangover”—can be helpful…if it helps you learn.


Sometimes it’s good to overeat and get that holiday hangover because it teaches us what is “too much.” It makes us appreciate and better understand what eating enough should feel like.


If you eat (or at least try to eat) only what you should eat all the time, you’ll end up resenting all your efforts. The opposite is true when you are flexible enough to just enjoy yourself every now and again and have what you want. You’ll be more motivated to eat clean and work out, or to eat better so you feel better.


It’s a similar concept to training. You will never truly realize your limits unless you push them. When you actually do start training and commit to the right program for a period of time, you’ll then be able to realize what feeling good actually feels like – something you’d never know had you never started.


The problem is when we attach labels to ourselves because of our actions:


  • You overate so now you’re fat and indulge in self-shaming.
  • You worked out too hard once OR didn’t receive the proper coaching and got hurt so you can’t work out past your comfort zone.
  • You currently don’t work out; therefore you can’t unless you loose weight first.


The truth is we’re complex humans – there is not one label that will fit any of us so don’t waste time and energy putting yourself in a box. Rather, use every part of the process as an opportunity.


Take stress and pressure away from eating on the holidays and direct your focus on enjoying your family.


Use the extra calories to work out harder.


When you’re feeling good, push the envelope to see how far you can go but don’t treat it like the hot stove top that the cat learns to never touch again. Instead, when you feel you hit your limit, give yourself love for finding it and continue to get better each day, realizing that said limit is only temporary, that with daily effort forward you’re an ever-changing organism whose potential is limitless.


When you’re feeling stuck and are utilizing every possible excuse not to work out, know that in this moment you can either:


  1. Be the most out of shape you’ll ever be and with just a tiny commitment of a few workouts a week in the right program, your life will be changing for the better from here on out, or
  2. Start rolling down a dark and dangerous hole of depression and preventable diseases.


Which are you going to choose?

Think of the holidays as a sprint. Work out as hard and as regular as you can, use holiday parties as short rests, then get right back at it the next day even if there’s another party that night. Don’t let a holiday hangover bring your work to a halt. The key is to never stop.


Avoid labels by staying out of extremes. And remember—every little bit counts.










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