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On today’s episode of the fat m.e.l.ting radio podcast, Joe interviews Brandy Shroeder aka “Coach B.” Brandy is an online nutrition and lifestyle coach who specializes in helping women feel confident in their own skin. Brandy and Joe talk about reverse dieting, the important of biofeedback, letting go of restriction and much more on healthy eating/nutrition/diet.

Key Takeaways & phrases from today’s fitness podcast:
Give yourself grace
Listen to your own biofeedback of how you feel and adjust from there
Theres no finish line
Own your situation, you have the choice where to go next
Journal – create your story so you can tweak it
Let go of restriction, be present and see how you feel after it
Affirmation: “I love everything in moderation”
You’re trying to perfect something that shouldn’t be perfected
What are you willing to do to get there?
Reverse dieting is slowly adding back in general or specific calories to get back to maintenance

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