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On today’s episode of the fat radio fitness podcast, Joe interviews one of his mentors, Paul Reddick. Paul has a baseball instruction business,  has helped thousands of people all over the world, worked directly with some top professional baseball players and coaches, including the great Yogi Berra! Paul also runs 567 academy which helps entrepreneurs connect their passion to “why” so that they can live their best life.

On today’s fitness podcast,
Finding your why: Paul shares his 567 approach to determine your “why” so you can unleash the inner motivation that will make you unstoppable to hit your goals
How to get unstuck: Paul breaks down how fears/anxieties/worries are in the future, regret/shame/quilt are the past, to move past either Paul talks about how you just need to “run the next play,” no matter where you are – to do the next thing specific to your goals. Paul shared an example of a client who struggled with his desire to start nutrition coaching but didn’t know where to start, so Paul advised him to send out one email for people to meet at Starbucks and coach whoever shows up.
How to make “cuts” and eliminate those around you who are negative forces in your life: Realize that whatever they say to bring you down is more about them than you. If you can, eliminate exposure to negative people around you e.g family/co workers, then set boundaries. For example, for a set period of time you have to be around them, accept that you’re going to deal with them and what they might say.
How to start each day

Some key phrases/takeaways from today’s fitness podcast:
To change the content, change your context
Do what your doing while your doing it
The next step is always the same
Serve the person who is in front of you
Sometimes we’re so focused on the bigger idea, that we can’t see the small steps ahead.
Faith over strategy
Be faithful to the gift you’ve been given
You can’t give away what you do not possess
Take inventory around the house, stuff either gives you energy or takes away from it. If something doesn’t give you energy, get rid of it.
Each moment, connect to a purpose

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