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Your Outcome is Not Fixed

Happy Monday!

One thing that makes sports so exciting is that on paper when one opponent is stronger than the other and is predicted to win, there is no guarantee that it will happen. There is no certain outcome.



If you watch closely when the favorite is losing in real time, you can see it illustrated in their body language and energy.



But upsets aren’t alone what makes sports so exciting. Another component are the comebacks.



A team that is beating its opponent by 3 touchdowns in the 4th quarter “should” win, just as an MMA fighter who has dominated every round “should” win heading in to the final seconds of the 5th and final round.



The outcome seems inevitable. But it’s not guaranteed. There is no certain outcome.



Teams come back.



Fighters score improbable knockouts in the final seconds.



How does one opponent who is so much better (on paper) lose to a “lesser” (on paper) opponent?



How does a team or athlete overcome the impossible odds to come back and win when the chances of doing so are highly unlikely?



Because the athletes playing the sport are human and humans have consciousness—the ability to think and know that he/she can think.



This gives us hope.



You are not tied to any outcome.



  • You are not fat.
  • You are not uncoordinated.
  • You are not stupid.
  • You are not ugly.



You are not fixed to the path you are currently.



Remove the label you or some narrow-minded individual or group has placed on you.



The old cliché of it all being a journey is so true because we are complex, imperfect beings who will experience ups and downs – that’s just the reality of life.



The good news is you have the CHOICE and the POWER:



  • To get back up
  • To change the label
  • To beat the odds
  • To make a comeback



It all starts with the simple first step, of which you already know. Remember you don’t need to see the summit to climb a mountain, the path reveals itself as you move forward.



Why not start today?










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