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On today’s episode of the fat radio podcast, Joe interviews Noah Rasheta who  is a Buddhist teacher, lay minister, and author, as well as the host of the podcast Secular Buddhism. Noah and Joe talk about dealing with suffering, becoming more mindful and learning to love the process.

Takeaways from today’s fitness podcast:

  • You don’t ask or expect clouds to change, they just do. We allow ourselves to be observers when looking at clouds, we don’t expect to change the shape of them yet in our lives we fixate on things we cannot control. 
  • Question to ask yourself: Why do I feel like this? Where does this view come from?
  • When going through something, flip the switch. Imagine a friend was feeling the way you are, take yourself out of the situation and apply your own wisdom to the situation.
  • Perceive the nature of reality as impermanent – nothing is fixed and will stay forever as such. 
  • What if you think of any endeavor a different way, that the process itself is the joy and you do it because you enjoy the process. Start to focus more on the process and detach yourself from the outcome/thing. 
  • “Deliberate pauses” – take time to build into day to think bigger.
  • Sometimes the best move is to go sideways or back, its the wisdom of adaptability. How can I adapt and pivot on the spot? 

Some key phrases/ from today’s fitness podcast:

  • The nature of reality is that it is constantly changing and evolving. 
  • The journey itself is the goal
  • Can’t escape problems – wherever you go, there you are
  • Referring to Tetris example; faith is the ability to play the game, not the shape that comes out of it.
  • Negative mindset provides a safety net in which its easier to not go forward
  • The goal of mindfulness is to eliminate or reduce habitual reactivity 
  • Mindfulness is just doing one thing with one intent 
  • Pause/reflect/recognize the smallest thing – think in terms of causes and conditions

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