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Identifying and Moving Past Your Noble Obstacles

Happy Monday!

The other week I started adding show notes to my podcasts.


This was part of my original podcast plan to do with every episode, before I embarked on this journey just over year ago. And yet, it took me 13 months to finally start doing.


After I did it for one episode, I was able to quickly systemize it and realized it didn’t take much more effort than what I was already doing.


I had notes from each episode anyway so now all I had to do was organize them, show my admin how to upload them into the website then just send her the notes every week.


The benefits far out weigh the cost of just 10 additional minutes per week:

  • I personally learn better and comprehend all the gems from the guest I interviewed.
  • Our thousands of podcast listeners all over the world now get a quick reference and resource page.
  • The website becomes better optimized so there’s a greater chance more people will find our podcast and business.
  • The foundation is now set to build upon and make better. For instance, we need to add another layer of editing of the show notes, now have the platform set up to add specific links our guests mention on the podcast, more detailed show notes as well as a hub for whatever other relevant info we want to add there.


So why didn’t it happen sooner? Because…

  • …I moved down the east coast, am establishing myself down here while maintaining connections up north, flying back up north once a month?
  • …I run three businesses, one of which is in its infant stages?
  • …I was podcasting daily then weekly, which takes a ton of time to prep and record as is?
  • …we recently got engaged and are planning a wedding?


Actually….NONE of those reasons!


Those are what Jon Acuff—in his book “Finish: Give Yourself The Gift Of Done”—refers to as noble obstacles, as follows:

“A noble obstacle is a virtuous-sounding reason for not working toward a finish. Both are toxic to your ability to finish.”


There’s no doubt I’m busy and trust me, this is not a cry for sympathy. Putting it in terms of something my father use to say; I made my bed and now I get to sleep in it! Happily, I love sleeping in it—meaning that I absolutely love doing what I get to do!


This leads us to two very important points:


  1. Self justification is detrimental to our success in anything:

    We can lie to ourselves as much as we want, even in virtuous ways such as in terms of noble obstacles, but we are only limiting ourselves. The universe is designed to reward action and inaction. It’s the old “You reap what you sow” – if you want a result, YOU need to make it.



  1. We are designed to take the least path of resistance:

    This is wired deep in our being. Our small self (ego) tells us stories about anything we want to do that is outside of our comfort zone. These stories convince us we lack mainly time & ability. These stories, however, prove shallow outside our own mind. In other words, you can do more than your small self is convincing you that you’re capable of doing.



What are the proverbial show notes in your life?  


What are your noble obstacles?









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