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On today’s episode of the fat radio podcast, Joe interviews author and speaker Robby D’Angelo. Robby co-authored best selling book “The Struggle Is Real,” inspired from his own journey of losing 100 + lbs. He’s a results coach, empowerment speaker and self proclaimed “biohacking nerd.” On today’s episode, Robby shares lessons from his weight loss journey, his current fitness & diet/nutrition and the guys talk about how to take control of the mind, how to become more present and much more!

Some key phrases/takeaways from today’s fitness podcast:

  • Be open to learn or enjoy the pity the party
  • Ask yourself – can you control this? If not, let it go
  • Eat whole foods – if it didn’t live over 100 years ago, don’t eat it
  • It’s your journey to figure out what works, what doesn’t and adjust
  • Create micro wins i.e just showing up at the gym. From there, what else can you do? Pick the next thing and mark that as a goal
  • Figure out your why to power you towards your goals – you’ll know you found your why when thinking/talking about it stirs you up emotionally
  • Write your own auto biography to create self awareness and learn from your past. Brain dump the “why” behind major decisions in your pasty, identify the real reason behind things you did/do so you can better understand yourself.
  • Make conscious breathing a part of your daily routine and in your tool box to go to whenever you’re feeling emotional/stressed
  • Remove “If/then” statements – instead surrender to the now

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