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Goal Setting for 2019

Happy Monday!

We all know goal setting is extremely effective and yet most people do not like setting goals because of our baggage from goals we’ve set in the past.

A whopping 92% of new years resolution fail and 80% are failed by February…that’s insane!

Most people are doomed from the start. NOT because of capability, because you have everything you need to get to where you want to go.

Most people set the wrong goals, then fall victim to the perfectionist tendencies that haunt us all.

Perfectionism loves to distract us from what we want to do but really, it’s nothing more than a limiting belief in which we are never enough. Perfectionism holds us to an impossible standard where there is no grey area, just failure or the outcome we desire.

Here’s the reality – perfectionism does not exist outside of your own mind. The harder you try to be perfect, the less likely you are to reach your goals.

I once heard someone compare the path of success to traveling across country:

We like to think hitting our goals is like a train traveling across country along with a linear path but in reality it’s much more like playing bumper cars…it’s never a smooth ride in a straight line. 


STEP 1: Detach yourself from all “failures” of the past. Whatever happened or did not happen was on your way on your path to this very moment. Start to appreciate your disappointments, as they teach us how not to do something.

ACTION: What can you learn from your previous “failures”? What worked? What did not work?

STEP 2:  Pick one specific goal that is YOURS – not someone else’s.  People hear someone lost weight through X diet, so they want to lose weight through X diet, too.  Sorry, but X diet isn’t for everyone. For every success there are invisible factors that play a huge role.

Another issue where is that people set incomplete goals that are general, superficial and lack a plan (more on this in next step).

ACTION:  What is a specific goal for you based on your past and where you want to be? Write it down. But the goal itself is not enough, WHY is that goal important to you? Set a goal; then ask yourself seven times, what’s so important about that? Each answer will get you closer to your truest, deepest goal.

STEP 3: Develop or follow a plan: Simply going to the gym or dieting will not work. In our upcoming My Best Shelf, you pick from ONE of five goals that you want to accomplish in 30 days:

  1. To lose 13 lbs.
  2. To lose 3%
  3. To gain 2 lbs. of lean muscle
  4. To decrease stress and become more mindful through 60 second daily meditation
  5. To get into a fitness routine by hitting 15 workouts over 30 days

Each goal comes with a very specific, easy to follow, proven list of action items you need to perform to reach success.  There is no guess work.

Your job is to create a plan that will help you achieve those action items each day. For example, do you need to schedule your meditation or workout? You could eliminate one hour of the usual time you spend on social or TV, and map your action item into that time slot.

ACTION: Write out plan that details what you’re gonna do to support achieving your chosen goal. Let us know if you want us to review it or provide some input.

STEP 4: Enjoy the process:  This is the hardest part. We often think we need to do more than we actually need to do (that’s the perfectionism inside us talking) and seem to have this secret rule inside that it has to be terrible.

When you identify a simple plan, you relieve yourself of all that pressure. The next step is making small bits of progress a part of your daily routine.

In the My Best Self 30 Day Challenge, we provide you with a 30 page guidebook where each day you get a tiny task to do that will help you keep the momentum going.  If you enjoy our weekly emails, you are going to love this guidebook!

ACTION: What can you do to add enjoyment to the process? What are something we can put in place to help you keep momentum?

STEP 5: Track: Perfectionism tells us it’s all about the outcome…well it’s not because as soon as you hit that goal, you’ll be happy for 2 seconds then either go back to your old ways OR set another goal you want. But when you find metrics associated with the progress you need to make to move closer to that goal, you find satisfaction in the daily grind needed to get close to your desired outcome.

In the My Best Self 30 Day Challenge for example, you get a calendar you can use to track your daily progress by following the simple steps laid out for you for the goal you want to hit.

ACTION: What daily measurables can you track that will get you closer to your goal each day?

2019 is upon us…the slate is WIPED CLEAN!

Will you become your best self or remain chained to those limiting beliefs that have held you back in the past?



PS:  I made a few references to our upcoming challenge because it’s literally the culmination of everything I’ve learned to help you hit a goal fast and turn those actions into habits. We have 21 spots left for the My Best Self 30 Day Challenge.

If you need a push to get you started on living your best life, I strongly suggest you fill out the application ASAP, as it will sell out over the next few days. Click on the following link:

My Best Self 30 Day Challenge application page


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