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Turning Goals Into Action

Happy Monday!

Modern media wants us to believe that we lack what it takes to get to where we want to be. The combination of ads plus their relentless exposure speak directly to our pains/fears and our daily social media experience, showing us stuff that we “don’t have” that other people do.

Here’s the reality….YOU are not broken….you do not need to be fixed…at your fundamental core, you don’t need anything or anyone.

Let’s look at your New Year’s resolution.

What’s the final outcome you want to achieve?

Take out a pen & paper (actually do this) and start writing out action items you can do that will get you closer to that goal. Aim for at least 20 of them.

It might be hard at first but find a quiet place and commit to at least 20 minutes of distraction free brain storming.

What this exercise will show you is that the goal is not as overwhelming as you think.

The problem is we focus on the penthouse apartment rather than on constructing the solid foundation of the building. There’s a lot of necessary work first; building the framework first and adding in each additional floor before you can reasonably think about decorating the top floor.

When it comes to our goals, the biggest road block is the overwhelming distance from where we are right now to our goal.  But when we break that distance into smaller chunks (action items) we will find the amount of steps we feel comfortable to take.

As we tackle each action item, we reap the dual benefit of both feeling accomplished (which encourages us to keep going!) as well as achieving actual progress.

For the record, I do not think there is anything wrong with any business or product that does speak directly to people’s fears/pains if they can back it up with a ethical, proven, PROCESS-driven solution (not a quick fix). And there’s nothing wrong with utilizing those solutions. In fact, I am all for any ethical & proven solution if it is a better way that will help you do the thing you are trying to do or get there faster.

The only caveat is to know that at your core, you are already enough.

It’s like modern day transportation. At one point the train was ground breaking and much more efficient than horses. Then came planes. Naturally, if our goal is to get there faster the solution would be to fly as opposed to the train. But the plane is just tool. You don’t need it to move.  Sure, it will carry you across the country or the ocean, but you are not stuck without it. You can get up and find your own way.



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