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  1. If you dont like drinking water, add fresh herbs or citrus
  2. If you dont have time to meal prep for the week, meal prep for one meal per day (prep the meal you typically do the worst with)
  3. If you have trouble with one meal, replace that meal with a shake
  4. If you don’t eat organic, just focus on fresh and frozen fruits, veggies, raw nuts and lean proteins
  5. If you don’t want to give up alcohol (thats okay btw), reduce how many drinks you have a week
  6. If you need flavor in your coffee, replace sugar/creamer with GHEE or coconut oil
  7. If you’re bored of eating the same stuff, look up one new healthy recipe per week and make that
  8. If you want to try a new diet, dedicate a minium of one hour of research to look into the pros and cons of that diet so you know what you’re getting into
  9. If you want another cup of coffee, have a green tea instead
  10. If you don’t have time or know how to meditate, take 6 deep breaths in car while parked in driveway before you go in your house at the end of the day
  11. If you can’t do 90 minutes of yoga or even 10 minutes of mobility, then do one mobility and or tissue drill each day
  12. If you’re too tired to workout/miss the gym, then set an alarm for however much time you have and pick 2-4 exercises, do each for 10 reps for as many total sets as you can in set time.
  13. If you dont know what to eat, then seek lean proteins + veggies
  14. If you are stressed by the scale, then have whoever you live with hide it
  15. If you’re not making any progress towards your goal, cut it in 1/2
  16. If you eat out a lot, drink club soda with lime instead of alcohol and see #13
  17. If you’re unable to follow a diet, its probably too strict so just focus on eating cleaner foods rather than cut everything that you’re doing
  18. If you dont want to take a cold shower, get into shower, do your thing then turn water to cold
  19. If you get cravings for something sweet, buy frozen berries so you can have a few pieces when cravings come up
  20. If you get the craving for chocolate, buy cocoa nibs and much on those
  21. If you’re craving something salty, have pumpkin seeds
  22. If you’re super stressed, take a 5 minute break and journal
  23. If you’re feeling stuck, start measuring something performance/processed based e.g number of workouts per week, calories per day, number of push ups you can do, etc.

On today’s episode of the fat melting radio fitness podcast, inspired by a famous Martin Luther King quote, Joe shares 23 (nutrition/diet/mindset/fitness related easy subsitutes for common struggles many of us have!

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