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On today’s episode of the fat radio fitness podcast, Joe interviews Mens Health Next Top Trainer, Propel water powered partner, Rip Intensity training program creator and 2x Golden Glove Champ Gideon Akande. Giddy and Joe chat about strategy & how to become successful as quickly as possible, how to develop a routine, the importance of visualization and much more!

Today’s Show notes & Take Aways:

  • You’ve got to listen to your body and see how it responds
  • When embarking on a new challenge, ask yourself – how can I be successful as quickly as possible? 
  • Failure is what you grow from
  • If you win today, continue to do more of what worked. If you “loss” today, what can you do to win tomorrow?
  • If you’re still alive, you still have time
  • To get into a routine, what will allow you to not deviate from the plan?
  • What daily routines & practices can you put into place?
  • Things you do behind the scenes will determine your character when you need it
  • Create affirmations that are personal to you that relate to your why

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