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How to Cultivate Your Inner Strength

Happy Monday!

I recently started reading “Man’s Search For Meaning” by Victor Fankel, a psychiatrist who survived the German concentration camps back in WWII. He wrote a memoir about his experience and the lessons about spiritual survival that he took away from that experience.

Today, It’s unbelievable to know that those concentration camps even existed. I’ll spare the graphic details Frankel shares but we all know it was a terrible part of our human history.

Yet there are many people like Dr. Frankel who survived the absolute worst circumstances ever known to mankind.


Were they more special or different than us?

I think Dr. Frankel said it best:

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

The differentiator is the mindset…the refusal to give in to circumstance and the decision to live for a higher purpose.

This is something all of us can learn from.

The first step is become aware that YOU don’t need anyone or anything; no person or possession can create fulfillment for you and give your life meaning.  That is our individual responsibility.

Dr. Frankel talks a lot about suffering and how it is an inevitable part of life for all of us. The only antidote to suffering is to personally grow and develop. And we only develop through facing our challenges and fears head on and keeping a positive mindset.

The second step is to realize your own strength. Navy seals talk about “20X”—how at any given time we are 20 times more capable than we think. I see this play out DAILY with our incredible members and team.

But we often don’t get to exercise our full capability because our lives are relatively comfortable, especially compared to the horrors of Nazi Germany and the nightmarish conditions many people in the world now live through: war, genocide, hunger and many other unthinkable conditions.

We seek magic pills and short cuts because our experience of “hardship” is more in our heads than an actual, physical deprivation. Most of us never have to worry about our basic needs like shelter and food. At our finger tips we have a gateway to reach anyone anywhere and access anything…all of this stuff breeds excessive comfort and leads to disillusion.

So today, I encourage you to stop searching outside and start looking inward…you already have everything you need.

Don’t be afraid or shy away from deprivation. Of course I’m not talking about starving yourself but you also don’t need stuff like wine every night, cream and sugar, treats everyday etc., …

The easiest way for you to realize this inner strength is to cut something you think you need out of your diet for a short period of time.  Not forever but 3 days, two weeks, 21 days  etc., – something challenging relative to you.

I do this with coffee a few times a year (among other things). Trust me, it’s not easy but it gets easier once you do it and recognize that you don’t need it because YOU already ARE.

Your choice…

Tell yourself any excuse to rationalize why you can’t …but you are only lying to yourself

OR not do anything at all and move on with your day but expect the exact same results.

OR TAKE A STAND! Make today different because YOU choose to be different.

Which will YOU choose?





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