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What Are You Forgetting?

Happy Monday!

The most important thing is often the most forgotten or overlooked. The essence of whatever it is we’re searching for (whether in fitness, business, nutrition, relationships) is already inside available to us.

I see this play out with diets all the time. Last year it was Intermittent Fasting (IF), now it’s Keto. People hear someone talking about how they lost XYZ pounds with the ABC diet, then think they should be on it, too. Some actually follow the diet and lose weight in the short term. But then find they cannot sustain the restrictions, and yo-yo back.

The interesting thing is most people lose weight with the diet of the moment not because of the diet itself, but because they stop all their previous bad habits.

All of a sudden they’re not eating out everyday, eliminating processed foods, drinking more water, cutting out sugars—things they already knew were good to do!

And for the record, I don’t have a problem with either diet (I’ve been doing IF for 4-5 years now) but just because it’s a good tool for some doesn’t make it the right tool for you.

I’m currently engaged so I can’t speak to what makes a marriage last in a loving way, but from what everyone who has a successful marriage shares with me it’s the small things; learning to communicate, listening, compromising, date nights – nothing none of us don’t know.

The challenge is not obtaining the knowledge; it’s APPLYING what we already know! Sometimes simply being more aware of our actions/inactions can put us in a better position to succeed.

For instance, after years of struggling with deadlifts I finally realized why. I was trying to control the bar too much on the way down; that eccentric deadlift is a thing, but not the way I knew I should/could do. This wasn’t anything I didn’t know; I just finally took a minute to analyze what was wrong.

Other times we just simply “forget.” We are all very busy and it’s very easy to get pulled onto that hamster wheel, spinning round and round. We are all so focused on what we have to do next that we look past what’s right in front of us.

Whether it’s from lack of awareness or just something we’re overlooking, the best solution to our problems is to find objectivity. To do that, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why am I struggling with this?


  • What am I overlooking?


  • If my friend were in my shoes, what would I tell him?


  • If I had a gun to my head to solve this issue, what are some steps I can take?

Stop looking for answers you already know, and start trusting your instincts.



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