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On today’s episode of the fat radio fitness podcast, Joe interviews LICSW Janet Anderson! Janet Anderson has successfully worked with clients from newborns to the age of 82. She offers an array of services such as: diagnostic assessment, individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, crisis management, in-home therapy, skills training, guided relaxation/meditation, parent coaching, consultation, postpartum services for new moms and dads, and group psychotherapy. She works with elite and non-elite athletes preparing them emotionally for sporting competitions. On today’s episode, Janet breaks down negative emotions and explains how to best deal with them, how powerful it is to face your worst self in the mirror and much more!

Takeaways From Today’s Episode:

  • Have you had your facing the mirror moment? Do you need one?
  • Facing mirror moment: I see you, I love you no matter where you’re at
  • Emotions are the right side of the brain, logic are left.
  • When something implodes, unconscious stuff finally comes out.
  • When you have bad moments, they are whispers /warning signs to lean into whatever it is. 
  • Its each of our responsibilities to bring out the unconscious as conscious.
  • Unconscious patterns often correlate with our nerve pathways
  • Are you unconsciously choosing fear and anger?
  • Each emotion serves a purpose – what does it mean?
  • Sadness, typically means you need to let something go. Let it pass like a shower.
  • Grief is typically over a major event
  • With fear, our instincts are generally to run away or stop doing something
  • With anger, ask yourself where am i being validated? 
  •  Issues in the gut can impact your neurotransmitters 
  • Triad of health: Movement, nutrition and personal development 
  • On finding the origin of trauma; A.C.E. – adversed childhood experiences 
  • Everybody has their stuff 
  • Change your emotion through motion – i.e her dancing in the car 
  • Clinical depression is when you cant get out of beed, doesn’t go away, losing hope and have thoughts of hurting yourself 
  • There is a direct correlation between your mind and body. Many issues such as depression, anxiety, irratibility, difficulty concentrating, poor memory, lack of focus, and brain fog could all be attributed to a gut infection, most common candida overgrowth. For more info on this, see the link below.
  • You get to choose how you show up, no matter how justified
  • Ego is our loyal solder, who believes what it says be true. The ego in the first part of your life is protective then gets inaccurate info as you become older and get exposed to hash realities of life.
  • The only path to healing is to take ultimate responsibility, do the work and lean into them.
  • Let go of ego so you’re ready to move forward. 
  • Every person was born and equipped to faced everything he will face
  • No matter what external changes you make, you need to shift your identity or it will will go to work to bring you back into alignment

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