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this? OR THAT?!

Happy Monday!

Amid all the chaos and craziness out there in the world, the great news is YOU get a choice.

You (WE) get to choose what we focus on and what we do with the time we have.

However it’s much easier said than done. We create New Year’s resolutions and have moments of inspiration. Then Monday comes, reality sets in, and we often fall back into our old habits.

Old habits are hard to break! There’s an invisible level of resistance to which we subconsciously succumb.  So we need to consciously disrupt these patterns (negative emotions) in order to break through the resistance. You need to make conscious decisions instead of blindly repeating old behaviors.

Today, when you find yourself stressed/angry/sad/feeling lazy/feeling tempted, stop and ask yourself:

  • Do I want this ___________ (the results of allowing the old habit & negative emotions to control our mind)
  • OR do I want THAT ___________ (the empowerment of gaining control of your life & benefits of the positive action)?

this? OR THAT?!

Which will you choose?





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