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The Importance of Routines

Happy Monday!

I recently got the Apple Watch Series 3 and had some interesting discoveries. On days I coach, I take double the amount of steps and burn many more calories.

This makes sense in hindsight, but honestly I never consciously thought about it. Looking back, I just felt hungrier on some days rather than others. But now with this evidence, I can make better decisions to support my activity with adequate nutrition intake (instead of assuming the same will work each day) and have learned that I need to be aware of my activity levels on days I don’t coach, when I’m mostly working at a desk.

Right around this time last year I took a food sensitivity test and learned that:

  • I was sensitive to foods I was consuming daily
  • I was not sensitive to complex carbohydrates.
  • I was deficient in vitamin D and magnesium.

With this info, I started rotating carbs in on my strength training days, and I’m now stronger than ever! And the vitamins have dramatically helped my mood stabilize.

Now I’m not writing this to tell you get an Apple Watch or take these tests. I share these examples as evidence that our health will spiral out of control because of the pace and the way of life we live in today’s world–if you’re not careful enough to be intentional.

The proverbial hamster wheel isn’t just hurting people physically, it’s wrecking people’s emotional makeup. Anxiety and depression are at an all time high.

In talking about routines, Jordan Peterson said:

Anxiety and depression cannot be easily treated if the sufferer has unpredictable daily routines. The systems that mediate negative emotion are tightly tied to the properly cyclical circadian rhythms.

How can we keep on top of our health needs? By following these 2 steps:

  1. Take Time for Awareness

All change starts with awareness. Take time to think about your life; what are you not doing that you know you need to? Why isn’t it happening? How can we remove these obstacles? (99.9% of obstacles can be worked around).  Why are you feeling a certain way?  What’s at the root of these negative emotions?

The next part of awareness is to know you don’t need to do everything all at once.  Making just one better nutrition decision can be a game changer.
5 minutes of movement is far BETTER than none.  A walk during lunch COUNTS!

  1. Build Routines Around What You Need

Building routines allow you to take the complexity out of the action and fit it into your life. If you are too busy for something, then it’s not important to you. When I have these difficult conversations with people, they’ll often say they do value their health. But the true test is to look at your behaviors. We do what we value. If you’re not working out and eating clean daily, then you don’t value these things. And that’s okay because you don’t need to. The key is to understand that what you do value is linked to these things so they’re important to make part of your everyday life.

Your activity level and what you eat is directly correlated with what you value. If you value your kids, lack of exercise and poor nutrition will negatively impact them. Harsh, but true.

I’ve personally worked with 1000’s of people who were once “too busy.” They found a way because they decided to. You can too!

No one has it easy but all of us get a choice. YOU get to choose:

  1. Live life by design and enjoy the fulfillment that comes along with it.


  2. Live life by default and get stuck in a perpetual state of negativity, including sickness, illness and disease.

Which Will YOU Choose?



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