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On today’s episode of the fat radio fitness podcast, Joe interviews Strength Coach & educator Brendon Rearick. Brendon is a certified personal trainer through the NSCA and a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). He graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a degree in Kinesiology and later went on to pursue his massage therapy license at the Cortiva Institute. Brendon helps facilitate Mike Boyle’s Strength & Conditioning Mobile MentorshipsMBSC Thrive & Certified Functional Stretch Coach.

Show Notes

  • Checklist for a great workout: Do I feel better? Was I challenged? Do I feel safe?
  • Training to get tired/sore/sick not healthy long term
  • When it comes to creating mental clarity, doing nothing is doing something
  • Ask yourself: Did I get better today?
  • Always weigh risk vs. reward, especially in exercise to determine if certain weights/movements/workouts are worth it
  • Audible is “automobile university” 
  • Reframe your problem into something you can benefit from –> Brendon stuck in traffic vs. learning in car via Audible
  • Create one word for the entire year instead of goals to set a focus for the year
  • Habit stacking: Already drinking coffee, why not read 5 pages?
  • Book recommendation: Go Wild

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