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Show notes/Takeaways
Carb rotating is working in high and low carb days each week
Best of both worlds!

Higher carb days:
1. Benefit from anabolic environment from carbs
2. Preserve muscle tissue
3. Support growth

Lower carb days:
1.Maximize fat burning
2.Keep insulin levels lower (as opposed to heavy carb intake all the time)

Joe rotates carbs on days he does more strength based workouts
Practical benefits is that its good for the mind, there’s less risk of “last meal mentality.”
Types of carbs Joe prefers to rotate in: Sweet potatoes and gluten free oatmeal

Joe’s detox shake*
-Full lemon
-Coconut milk from can
-Raw organic honey
-Super greens powder

Joe’s “post vacation cleanse protocol:”*
-.75 x your bodyweight of water per day
-1 Kombucha
-1 shake (mentioned above)
-1 meal with veggies + lean protein

*”Detoxing” in this context is more to give internal organs a break and flush system. This is not a proven detox of cleanse.

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