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Declaration to Take Control

Happy Monday!


If left to their own devices, our minds work to keep us “safe.”


Subconsciously (without thinking or intention)
both internal (fears, past experiences, future expectations)
and external (social media, news, our networks)
is leveraged by our egos to tell us false stories that prevent us from moving forward.


These false stories:

  • Make us worry
  • Make us think we can’t or shouldn’t
  • Breed negative self-talk and self-micromanagement
  • Keep us in our heads and away from growth


We have two choices on how to handle the false stories our ego feeds us:

  1. Sit there and allow self sabotage

The choice is obvious. But the latter requires constant effort—because it goes against our very DNA.


Take Conscious Control

Recognize this truth and don’t beat yourself up for negative thoughts. It’s not your fault. Instead, give yourself credit for now being aware of these forces.


Accept that it’s our life journey to balance fear (AKA “False Evidence Appearing Real) with desire with intuition. Don’t expect to ever be free of this process. Knowing it will be there and that you’ll experience ups/downs will keep you alerted to always doing your best to balance it.


Become Your own Coach!

Remember that teacher or coach you had growing up who would beat you down when you “messed up” (which is just being human)? How did that make you feel? Not good, right?

So WHY do that to yourself?


On the flip side, do you remember that teacher or coach who saw your effort, showed empathy during that moment and lifted you up? Now, how did that make you feel? EMPOWERED!

So WHY NOT do that for yourself?


If this sounds overwhelming, you’re not far off because it’s damned hard to distinguish these stories from reality at times. However, finding the truth is the only path we have towards a fulfilling life.


Start small.


Declare that TODAY (or the next hour, OR the next 10 minutes OR the next minute) that you are going to refuse these forces!


When a negative thought come up, you’re going to smile and say “Nah, I’m good!” Then you’ll switch focus to the opposite of that negative thought.


The greatest realization any of us can make is that we are human and in this human experience, the greatest challenge we will ever face is in our own head. Thankfully, you are born with the tools & strength needed to TAKE CONTROL.


Make your declaration TODAY.







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