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To Grow or to Stay Stuck

Happy Monday!


“Healthy Growth” encompasses any internal or external development of oneself. It’s a combination of giving yourself the hard truth you need to hear, plus constructive feedback immediately followed by self empowerment.


I used to fear the truth because sometimes it’s not easy to deal with…but the reality is there’s nothing to fear. The truth is what it is, whether we like it or not. If we ignore what is or lie to ourselves, we will only make it worse.


It’s ironic how we live in our bodies and in our minds 24/7 (for as long as we get the privilege to graze this amazing planet) and yet we are so hard on ourselves.


How can we expect good things to happen or people to love us, if we don’t love ourselves?


LOVE is not one sided; it’s not only when things are good. Love is taking the good with the bad, accepting all the positives & negatives.


Our “self love” or lack thereof, doesn’t just impact our existence either…it impacts everyone else, especially those in your inner circle, peers, co workers and anyone else who follows you online.


When it comes to being stuck—whether in life, in your job or in your physical health—it’s YOUR choice to stay stuck.


  1. You can choose to ignore the truth by putting it off or blaming other people/the government/the moon/whatever else.
  2. You also can choose to OWN YOUR “STUFF!”


With option  #1, you stay stuck. For as long as you hold to that choice.

With option #2, you open the path towards growth and a better tomorrow for you & everyone else.


Which will YOU choose?





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