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What Are You Running Towards?

Happy Monday!

A few years ago I went to Vancouver for the weekend with a few friends. We had been told we had to do the Grouse Grind, a trail up the face of Grouse Mountain. It’s commonly referred to as “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster” as it’s a steep, constant incline.


So my buddy and I approached what we thought was the trail head. We were mentally preparing and getting psyched up as others were just walking by, up the hill all casual…


Finally, we decide it was time. Our plan was to move as fast up the mountain as possible and not stop.


We sprinted off—dialed in and focused—running towards what we perceived to be the trail head, only to find a petting zoo just behind this 50 foot hill and the same people who just leisurely walked by us, wondering why we were so excited to see a few goats.


My buddy and I just looked at each other and laughed off our obnoxious move.  We finally found the actual trail head…which by the way was every bit as challenging as everyone said it was!


Our initial failed attempt up the Grouse Grind begs an interesting question for us to think about – what are we actually running towards?


Speed without control and intention is carelessness. It’s far easier for us to keep spinning frantically on that the hamster wheel and just continue to go through the motions than it is to slow down, get off and recalibrate with purpose.


Take the Time to Ask Yourself Some Important Questions


  1. What are you running towards?
  2. Is it serving (directly or indirectly) your highest values?
  3. What metrics can you use to know if you are on the right path—metrics that you can not only see and physically measure, but also feel?


A default, ego–centric approach will lead you to chase ghosts of your past, guided by fears of your future….which is the fast track to disappointment.


The primary goal should be progress towards a better version of yourself.


Within that primary goal is a series of purposeful goals whose path forward will mostly resemble the Grouse Grind, where the only way to go is small steps up and forward. You simply cannot sprint straight up and get there without carefully navigating through the obstacles that are on the way.


A word of caution; there will never be a perfect time or a perfect plan so don’t spend too much time endlessly waiting and plotting. Things change ONLY by action.


Still, it’s a good practice for all of us to occasionally stop for an hour, a day, a weekend or week, to reflect on what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and what we are running towards.








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