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Enjoying the Process vs. Being Lazy —the Contentment Conundrum

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Being content to live a life with no real purpose and shying away from challenges is a slippery slope down a destructive path.


We all have “laziness” inside us to a degree and that’s 100% okay. In fact, it should be balanced into our life in some way. But if all we ever do is the bare minimum and avoid challenges whenever they occur, we run the risk of living a life of misery.


If you’re reading this, I’m fairly certain your issue is not shying away from challenges & growth.  Likely, your issue is much like mine; always looking past where you are right now and always looking ahead to the outcome, but never being satisfied and failing to fully enjoy the process.


The only way for us to grow is to set goals and pursue them. But if we are only ever looking ahead, we will find ourselves on a perpetual chase and life will pass us by.


In the pursuit of more, it’s very easy to lose sight of truly meaningful goals vs. our superficial desires that have no real substance and which are often driven by external forces where more is better. It’s difficult for us to distinguish between what really matters and shiny objects. That’s because the inside critic (our ego) insists that we NEED everything we lack, and compares us to who and what we are not.


The truth is we only have so much capacity. We can only give our best to a finite number of things. When we have too many balls in the air, we are unable to best deal with the inevitable downsides/obstacles that come along with EVERY pursuit, putting us on constant edge, stressed out of our minds.


In this state, we become reactive to everything as our fight or flight systems are on call, forcing us to overthink and look past today to worry about tomorrow. This doesn’t just negatively impact our mental states, it comes with a slew of physiological consequences from anxiety to fat gain to digestive issues, and more.


As Jordan Peterson wrote; “We live within a framework that defines the present as eternally lacking and the future as eternally better.”


(This by the way, isn’t a bad thing. If we didn’t see things this way, we wouldn’t act at all.)


Our challenge in this world, today, is to recognize what really matters and focus on that. It’s easy to justify wanting more; it sounds like the right thing to do, but actually lacks self discipline.


No matter your goal, I can guarantee you there are at least 10 things you know should do to attain that goal.


The crazy thing is, we are more likely to do anything else than those 10 things.


That’s why there is a billion dollar diet industry where people perpetually chase the latest diet in hopes of a magical transformation. Instead of doing the work of cutting out processed foods, drinking more water, eating more protein, eating more vegetables, working to find balance and focusing on the process.


  • Do you find yourself always looking ahead instead of acknowledging the present?
    For example; you lost 2% body fat but you’re pissed because you didn’t lose 5%.


  • Are you giving yourself credit for the things you are doing right now?
    For example; your life is crazy right now, sick parents, kids involved in 5 different sports, you’re over worked and exhausted. Still you managed to make it in to workout two times this week.
    Yet you shame yourself because you didn’t come five times.


These are just two of many examples I see daily.  I want you to always give yourself credit for all that you do…making it to the gym is no easy task!


I believe 100% that you should set big goals. But realize the only importance of big goals is to set you down the path. Life is all about in the stuff we GET to do everyday—it’s all about the process.


Find a worthy challenge to work towards…one of deep meaning. What you are working towards?


Rather than always look ahead, why not look for ways to enjoy and appreciate each day–and the process–more?


Give yourself credit for even the tiniest of steps you take forward daily…


Remove stuff from your life that doesn’t match your highest values, so you have the capacity to face the reality of what really matters.





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