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3 Truths

Happy Monday!

Over the years I’ve put myself through unnecessary stress and “suffering” and today I’d like to share 3 truths I’ve discovered so far on my journey.


Truth #1: You can’t learn everything and do everything at once.


You might have a Type A personality like myself. You are someone who wants to go-go-go always and struggles to ever settle. Our issue is to filter out what doesn’t connect to our highest values so we can focus on what matters most. The Type A’s greatest fear is to stand still. For me, on a deep subconscious level, I always have felt that I had to prove my own worth to myself (and to others) by always doing MORE.


OR, you personality might be the complete opposite. For instance, I meet new clients everyday who will found every excuse not to make change, out of fear of failure.


In either case, we both wrongly assume that everything has to happen now or not…


Most of life is not lived in the black or white…but in the grey. The only way to ever move forward is to focus on only the most important things, take it one small step at a time, and realize the journey is not the current goal, but the rest of our life. So we have plenty of time to tackle everything else that isn’t most important right now.


Focus on the minimum dosage of progress you can make on things that are of the highest values to you.


Truth #2: You don’t have to assemble the puzzle before you start.


Life is to be lived as a never ending process of discovery and piecing together the puzzle pieces.


But over the years I’ve fallen into the trap of playing the “Yeah but…” & “What if…” game in which I am constantly living in fear of what could go wrong.


  • What follows “Yeah but…” is only an excuse – a self-made reason to prevent us from moving forward.
  • What follows “What if…” is acceptable only if it involves real physical danger. Apart from that, it’s a terrible question to ask, because keeps us forever living in fear and prevents any growth.


While I’m writing this, the Final Four is being played. On this stage, the team who wins will be the team who is loose, calm and collected; PREPARED, but not in constant worry of what could happen. They are not living in the future but instead being present.


This is no different than in life, the more we fear, the more we will manifest bad stuff to happen. You can’t protect yourself from most things, so why worry about them?



#Truth3: It doesn’t have to be as hard as you think.


If I’m being honest, my favorite pastime was making things way more complicated and harder than they had to be.  Again, this is something deeply rooted in my subconscious. It’s probably the residue of being a young, bullied, self-conscious little boy that sometimes still makes me feel like I have to always pursue the hardest, most dreadful path (whether it is much too intense exercise OR attempting to work & maximize every single minute) to prove my worth.


Look, there is NO way around hard work and there will 100% be ups/downs. But learn to get comfortable with rest and recovery, whether it’s allowing yourself to rest during intense workouts (or taking dedicated recovery days/weeks throughout the year) or schedule in playtime & downtime.


Another aspect to this is proper planning. We live in the day and age of speed, but jumpstarting quickly without having direction will cost you extra work and wasted effort.  Take time to plan—not just for the task at hand but how the task fits into your life and schedule—BEFORE taking action.


There’s a lot of usage of “I” in this message, but it’s really about YOU.  If I share the truth about my struggles and learnings, maybe you can avoid the same mistakes!

If you ever find yourself lost, please hit REPLY to my message – I’d love to chat and help.


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