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Getting Back on Track

Happy Monday!

Whether it’s just resuming your routine after a holiday weekend or recommitting after an extended break, getting back on track is hard.


The mind anticipates the grind of it all; the discipline required to eat clean and the mental & physical energy to do the actual workout. That anticipation can make it seem much harder than it actually is. We exaggerate these tasks and minimize our ability to conquer them.


In our heads, a basic, everyday task becomes a big, daunting chore. But in reality, it’s just a small thing.


I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve had the privilege of coaching over the past 12 + years who had never worked out before—who doubted if even they could—but are now are doing things they never thought possible!


While these clients varied from just a few pounds overweight to obese, from teens to seniors, the one thing they had in common is the FACT that the only reason they had not started earlier was  NOT because they couldn’t, but because they were mentally closed off to the possibility. They felt their inactivity was a permanent fact and minimized their belief they could change it. Once they started working out, their minds were opened to their own power to control their lives.


TODAY is the day to take control and get back on track. Find the smallest step you feel comfortable with and just freaking DO IT. Forget going 100% or trying to be perfect, instead focus on the fact that you’re heading in the right direction and celebrate that. You will be amazed at how good that small step feels.  And know you’re gonna want to do MORE, because you just showed yourself that YOU CAN! .


For working out, break down the steps: First, just make it your goal to show up to the gym. When you do, allow yourself a mini celebration. Next time you go work out, give yourself a comfortable, relative goal of intensity. For example, I always tell beginners to focus on working 50-60% and rest as they need to. YOU can do that!  Literally ANYONE can do that! Just keep setting small, achievable goals like focusing, completing the warm up, doing the first set, doing just one more rep, and so on.


Be aware that your ego will try to undermine you by telling you how busy you are, why now is not a good time, and how X, Y, & Z are obstacles. It’s normal for these “objections” to pop up, but don’t let them throw you off or keep you from getting back on track.


Busy is not a good excuse – every human in today’s world is “busy” so deal with it. Everyone else is!


Can’t make it to the gym today because X, Y, & Z happened? Then as soon as you get home, find some space and do 2-4 exercises you feel comfortable with for 10 reps.


You got this! Break through and get back on track. LET’S GO!!!





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