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30 Reminders to Live By: Part I

Happy Monday!

The other night I was thinking about what I wanted to share for today’s Monday motivation. While many thoughts came to mind, I couldn’t articulate any of it. I sat there for a half-hour, typing, deleting, re-typing, deleting. My frustration climbed until finally I remembered this quote: “What you resist, persists.” In that moment, I closed my laptop and walked away.


The next morning I sat down, flooded with thoughts from my learnings and experiences that I wanted to share.  I put together 30 reminders that have helped me and I know will help you along your journey. We’ll share 10 reminders each week, over the next three weeks.


Along the way, I invite you to share these with friends and let me know what resonates most with you.


Each reminder is written the future tense, as though you were speaking these reminders to help condition your mind that you are already thinking this way. In fact, I want you read this list out loud!


10 Reminders to Live By

  1. I will not resist what is reality and attempt to force something that is not there.
  2. I wil only focus on what I can control
  3. I will say “NO” sometimes to protect my own priorities instead of always saying “yes.”
  4. I will challenge myself daily by doing something that is uncomfortable – that I do not feel like doing.
  5. I will not judge myself or self shame
  6. I will learn something new daily
  7. I will let go of something that no longer serves me.
  8. I will express myself in my passion daily
  9. I will focus on my priorities today but also carve out time daily to invest in tomorrow.
  10. I will physically exert myself daily


Which reminders resonate most with you? Read them aloud again.
WHY do those feel most important?
Let me know your thoughts!






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