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10 More Reminders to Live By: Part II

Happy Monday!

As I mentioned last week,  I put together 30 reminders that have helped me and I know will help you along your journey. We are sharing 10 reminders each week, over three weeks. Today is Part II of the three-part series.

In case you missed the first post of the series, you can catch it here:  30 Reminders to Live By: Part I

Each reminder is written the future tense, as though you were speaking these reminders to help condition your mind that you are already thinking this way. In fact, I want you to read this list out loud!

Please share these 10 new reminders with friends. I want to hear which which reminders mean the most to you at this point in your journey.

10 More Reminders to Live By


  1. I will remove all distractions and dedicate time to think each day.


  1. I will remember that my problems are not unique. I will not allow myself to sit in self pity. I recognize whatever I’m dealing with is just part of the journey through life.


  1. I will remember there is no universal right or wrong–just what I perceive to be such. I will remember even in the ‘negative’ and ‘bad’ happenings, there are positive opportunities for growth. I know that whatever the ‘negative’ or ‘bad’ happenings may be, they were carefully placed in my path for a reason.


  1. Daily, I will help at least one person in some way.


  1. Daily, I will make at least one person feel good and smile.


  1. I will cut my expectations down by 50%, but will not compromise my values.


  1. I will be an owner in my life story, not a victim of my circumstances.


  1. I will practice deprivation in some way, to remind me that a life of nothing but comfort and giving in to all desires is detrimental to my level of fulfillment.


  1. I will take a moment to connect to earth and appreciate this incredible planet we call home.
    This might sound odd, but the point is to take a moment to acknowledge the beauty that is nature and the amazing spectacle of all the things that happen in nature.


  1. I will put my problems in proper perspective and recognize that we are not even a blip on the radar in this infinite galaxy.


Which one of these reminders jumps out at you?








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