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Final 10 Reminders To Live By: Part III

Happy Monday!

As I mentioned during the past 2 weeks,  I put together 30 reminders to live by—reminders that have helped me and will help you along your journey! We are sharing 10 reminders each week, over three weeks. Today is the final installment.

In case you missed the first post of the series, you can catch it here: 30 Reminders to Live By: Part I

And if you missed last week’s post, here ya go! 10 More Reminders to Live By: Part II


Each reminder is written the future tense, as though you were speaking these reminders to help condition your mind that you are already thinking this way. In fact, I want you to read this list out loud!

Please share these 10 new reminders with friends! I want to hear from you — which which reminders mean the most to you at this point in your journey?


The Final 10 Reminders To Live By:


  1. I will love and allow myself to be loved.


  1. I will put my core needs above everything else so that I can operate at my best for everyone and everything in my life.


  1. I will remember that life is one major practice; that goals are not destinations, but chapters in our life story that move us along to each new stage of growth.


  1. I will acknowledge negative emotions and give myself space to be human (to complain and/or wallow in self-pity for a few moments), but will then swiftly cut ties with what I can’t control and move forward.


  1. My best contribution to this world is to use my unique set of skills and gifts to empower as many people as I can. Therefore, it’s not optimal for me to sit down and feel sorry for other people. It’s far better that I go out and make a positive impact for those in need. I will make it a daily goal to make this world better than I find it.


  1. I will not hold myself hostage for mistakes & “failures” I’ve made in the past. I will forgive myself and celebrate the fact that I am doing the best I have with what I have.


  1. I will be my greatest cheerleader and look inward to find my real work. I am blessed with everything I could ever need already inside of me.


  1. I will be grateful for everyone and everything in my life–even the hardships, because they help me grow.


  1. I will find ways to enjoy the process and appreciate every bit of progress. The outcomes are out of my control, anyway.


  1. I will not create additional stress and suffering for myself and will accept that which I cannot control.


I hope these were helpful for you!


I’m curious–which ones resonated with you most? Comment below and let me know!






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