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Happy Monday!

(This week I’d like to feature one of my favorite posts from a few years ago. While this post is not new, I hope you will find meaning and value in the message!  JC )


Today I ask you – what’s good?

It’s a question we need to ask these days with all the craziness that is happening worldwide.

Look, I’m just saying: if you’re going to point out the bad & wrong, you should also point out all the good & right, because there is lots of that in the world, too.

It’s overwhelming to think about solving all of the world’s problems. In fact, that’s an uphill battle we’ll never win. But WE CAN make a giant, positive impact in our own communities, which can create a snowball effect worldwide. Global change doesn’t happen all at once. Global changes are made through many changes in many small communities. But like little stones dropped in a pond, those small changes create momentum, magnify, and ripple far and wide to other shores.

So where to start?

There are two easy things you can literally do right now – to personally grow & contribute.

Personal Growth

The change we can influence starts internally. At m.e.l.t, we call it putting on your own oxygen mask on first. Every day is a new opportunity for personal growth.  Everyone wants an instant transformation but imagine if you got just 1% better everyday – that’s 365% better one year from today!


Next, what if everyday you did just one good thing for someone else? It can be anything; hold a door open, be polite, compliment someone, buy a stranger a coffee – it doesn’t matter as long as it’s genuine. Or what if you work on something bigger than yourself that is bettering the world (a non-profit, a business, sharing your fitness journey)? These days there seems to be more entitlement than contribution; we ask ourselves what’s in it for us, instead of what we can give back.  I just don’t get it, as we are already so very privileged. But think of it like this: what you contribute to others and this world is your legacy. Why not create a legacy that will make an impact bigger than yourself?

Personal growth and contribution are the keys.

Sure, I’m an optimist but I am also a realist. I know there are some issues/problems that are just always going to be there…unfortunately that’s part of life.

Tony Robbins said it best: “The biggest problem is that you think you shouldn’t have them. Problems are growth.”

WE can make a difference.

Let’s stop worrying about what’s wrong in the world – there is plenty of that. Instead, let’s start focusing more on what’s good in the world and build off it with personal growth & contribution.

I know that together, we can make this world a healthier & happier place–so let’s freaking do it!

You in?!






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