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Happy Monday!

We often hold onto people and things as if we have control of them.  Yet the nature of life is that it is unstable, unreliable, and that all things are constantly changing. Everything is impermanent and has a shelf life unknown to us.


Don’t let this bring you down.  This isn’t a negative thing. The fragility of life is what makes our existence so precious.


The unfortunate truth is our wiring is negative in nature – in a constant state of flight or flight.


We crave stability and certainty – two things that don’t exist in nature. We attach ourselves to people, places and things in hope that there will be control and as a result, find ourselves in a constant state of stress wishing things to be other than they are.


Sure, through our thoughts and actions, things may manifest in our favor but ultimately we don’t control what happens.


As made evident by people like Victor Frankel, who survived several concentration camps and had almost everything taken from him, the one thing that can never be taken away is your mind. No matter the circumstance, no one can take your mind away from you.


If the thought of losing or not having something scares you, dive into that. Play out what would happen. What part of your being do you need to strengthen in order to better handle the inevitability of losing something you want or love?


The ability to let go might be the hardest challenge we’ll ever face but it’s a worthy one to conquer. Your degree of suffering is directly tied to your ability to let go.


Next time you find yourself feeling annoyed, remember that one definition of suffering is wishing things to be other than what they are. The very best we can ever do is accept what is and move forward. When it comes to the loss of something or someone of deep meaning to you, there should be a period of mourning. We’re human and must face and work through our emotions. But at some point we need to accept what is, appreciate what was, let go, and move forward.


Become aware of what you’re attached to in life, whether it’s a status or cup of coffee. You should enjoy and have things–just appreciate them for what they are.  Have them, but don’t let them have you. We often make the mistake of letting external things control us, we live in a very addictive world where we grow dependent on things we don’t actually need.

And please remember we will always be more reactive than we would like to be as that’s how we are designed from millions of years of evolution. The goal is to become more aware and enlightened. Don’t judge yourself harshly when you overreact or make a mistake–just learn from it.






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