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On today’s episode of the “Fat Melting Radio Fitness Podcast,” Joe interviews Holistic Health Coach Brenden Kehde! Brendan and Joe discuss ways you can change your behavior around nutrition so you can get to the root of the problem as well as many other nutrition tips to help you incorporate eating clean into your lifestyle.

Show Notes
Step 1 is to build your own awareness; describe whats going on – what issues are you dealing with? What is working? Then to look for patterns
Its important to build confidence behind your nutrition efforts. To build confidence, you want to pull from different areas of which you demonstrate skill/competency and draw congruence into your nutrition – as you have all the characteristics you need already!
“Trying things could lead to liking things”
When looking to address nutritional or fitness related issues, look elsewhere to other spokes of life as something may be affecting what you eat/not and if you workout regularly that may not even be on your radar.
Chip away and fail forward – do NOT chase perfection
When looking into diets, research what goes into following the diet, what people are saying about, bigger picture factors & social trends, think how it would fit into your lifestyle and your preferences
Be careful not to start too restrictive too fast. For instance, people make the mistake of replacing their regular lunch with a small salad; which is not filling and much more different then the typical lunch you get out each day. Its like going into the gym on day 1, loading up the bar and squatting – you’d have a terrible experience and wouldn’t want to go back.
Learning to eat clean is much like college in that freshman year you’re learning what works for you and you’re trying new things, sophomore year you get little bit more direction but still experience slumps/periods of not knowing what to do/how to be, Junior year you have a better idea but still somewhat lost and senior year you experience mastery. You can’t bypass any one of these stages, its a process we all must go through. Some will go through faster than others.
Over time, you’ll develop systems you can use and figure out more efficient ways of doing things
We must reframe our “chores” or stuff we need to do: What makes it fun? Why are you doing it?
Reframe —: This is a gift.
What supports your efforts? What sabotages your efforts?
To do more of something, elevate its level of importance
MICRO nutrients! Pick foods that are rich in micro nutrients; omegas, phyto chemicals, fiber etc,.
Eat nutrient dense foods that take up a lot of space! The example Brendan gave was you can eat a handful of almonds, but it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your stomach so to fill you up, you’ll end up eating more and easily take in 500 calories. Where as when you include green and nutrient dense veggies, you’ll get full.
Include a diversity of nutrients! The best fruit and veggie to get is the one you haven’t had in a while because you’ve lacked those nutrients
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