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Don’t Be Like That

Happy Monday!

It’s easy to be influenced by media celebrities; particularity if those people excel at something we would like to be better at. We have a tendency to strive to “be like that” or to mimic the qualities we see them display.


But trying to “be like that” is doomed from the start because you are not them.


You are—physically, intellectually & genetically —completely different with completely different past experiences and a completely different way of life. Most of what we read/hear/see is only a tiny snapshot of who the celebrities are, what they’ve been through and what they currently go through.


And ironically, if you did see and know about all their past and present struggles, it’s likely you would no longer want what they have, and would not dream of trying to “be like that.”


So rather than aiming to be like those media celebrities, apply what the Dalai Lama said about Buddhism: “Do not try to use what you learn from Buddhism to be a Buddhist, use it to be a better whatever you already are.”



You can still learn from watching media celebritiies—just use what you learn to be a better YOU.







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