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Amor Fati

Happy Monday!

Life can be messy and challenging and especially frustrating at times, because so much of what happens is completely out of our control.


We spend far too much time and energy:

  • Focusing on our errors,
  • Obsessing over what is not right in our life and in the world
  • Lamenting & Regretting our current state of being
  • Yearning for things to be other than they are
  • Wishing we could just bypass the journey to get the outcome…


But we cannot alter our past. And we hold very little control of what is going to happen in our future.

However, we do get a choice as to how we view each day!

We get to choose which type of experience we want to have:

  1. To suffer over things we cannot control, or
  2. To accept where we are at, embrace what happens and do our best to make the most of it.


Amor Fati

“Amor Fati” is a Latin expression for “love of fate.” It’s an attitude in which one sees everything that happens in one’s life, including suffering and loss, as good or, at the very least, necessary.


This doesn’t just mean passively accepting our lives, but LOVING where we are at and loving everything we have with both strength and gratitude. Amor Fati means:


  1. Having the strength to not want anything to be different and to surrender control of our own and the collective path.


  1. Having the gratitude to appreciate everything that comes our way—now and in the future—because it’s what makes up our life.


In the midst of the chaos in our world, we must regain our sanity and quiet our minds. We must release everything that is out of our control so we can start to enjoy the process.


The level at which we enthusiastically accept everything that happens in our lives determines the quality of our days.


And our days are numbered.  So START NOW!


Amor Fati is, like everything else, a practice. Some days will be easier than others, but do everything you can to practice it—at some level—every day.


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