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Choose Faith, NOT Fear

Happy Monday!

Faith exists beyond the religious realm. And it’s not some child-like wish or hope that some fantasy will become reality.


Faith is the realization that the pain in life must be counterbalanced equally by the joy we get to experience as part of being alive.


To think that life consists of only one or another is irrational. Both pain and joy were a part of every human existence before us and will be a part of every existence after us.


In dark moments, where the conditions do not map what you want to feel or what you want to happen, having faith means being able to recognize that “This is not my life, but rather a moment in my life.”


In moments of exuberance, having faith means not waiting for something bad to happen to ruin it, but rather enjoying the moment and managing your expectations.


Having faith means knowing that things will not always turn out in your favor, and that your feelings will not always be positive. And that’s okay.


Everything is impermanent and constantly changing. No moment will last forever and you are never “stuck.”


You have both the strength and the courage to accept both sides of life.


Choosing faith is knowing that things will happen as they will—with or without your consent—so there is nothing to fear.





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