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On this week’s episode of the “Fat Radio” fitness podcast, Joe interviews m.e.l.t. Fitness Coach Nicki Goldschmidt! Nicki is certified in Personal Training as well as in Reiki and is currently in the process of getting her nutrition certification through Precision Nutrition. On today’s episode, Nicki and Joe discuss Gut health, uncover how important your gut is to much more than digestion, as well as many other topics from meditation to mindset. Enjoy!

Show Notes/Take Aways
Food Efficiency is the ability to absorb micro and macro nutrients through the gut.
Symptoms the gut is not healthy; irregular bowel movements, bloating, heartburn, gurd inflammation, loss of appetite, feelings of depression etc,
Antibiotics can affect the gut flora: If you have taken any antibiotics, make sure to use probiotics to counteract.
When searching for probiotics, look at the label for purity, creation date, shelf life and do a search of ingredients.
You need to treat your metabolism like your best friend.
Our tendency to live in fight or flight causes us to overuse our sympathetic nervous system which leads to GI issues. Because of this, we have a constant and steady drip of cortisol, keeping our body in a state of stress which directly impacts our digestion, elimination, reproduction and metabolism.
If we do not take in enough CLEAN calories, we can cost issues to our body as our organs run on calories as well and we need our organs to fully function.
To help combat stress, Nicki uses the “wipe” method or literally wiping from hand to shoulder or wiping the forehead to rid the body of negative energy & stress. In addition, she finds some quiet time to take deep breaths and or be in the sun.

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