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The Dark & The Light

Happy Monday!

You and I have flaws, weaknesses, and insecurities. We have things we want to be better at, and do better with–but we struggle. This is half of living – the Dark.


The other half – the Light, is how we respond to the dark. It is accepting that we are human and that all of the Dark (negative) things are very normal and universal.


Moreover, the Light is about negotiating with yourself every day. You must recognize your truth and be okay with it, so that you no longer need to say or do the things you feel that others want. This can be scary, but if you are real with yourself and others, your path towards growth will be much smoother. Once you know what you want, you can ask yourself:


“What am I willing to do to get what I want?”


If you answer this question honestly, you are on your way to feeling accomplished and limiting disappointment


We aim too high and often end up frustrated. I say, “Aim Lower” because feeling good about our daily process may be actually better than arriving at the outcome we say we want!


Being Open and Honest


If you are open and honest, each day you can discover more about yourself:

  • who you are
  • what you want
  • what you are willing to do
  • what needs to be improved
  • what triggers your negative thoughts or behaviors…and so on


To feel good about the daily process you need to find your answers to these questions. Finding answers propels you forward, instead staying stuck from ignoring your truth.


In this search, you’ll find that your solution isn’t found anywhere in a program, product or person. Yes, you should lean on good information to provide clarity and direction, but ultimately your greatest growth will come from introspection. How can what you’re learning, feeling and doing create a better solution for YOU?


We all struggle to make sense of the chaos in our lives. We wrongly make a lot of assumptions because we are desperate to form conclusions.


We assume that we’re messed up because we struggle. We assume that others have it better because of the highly curated snapshots they put on display; tiny moments that say nothing about their everyday lives. Don’t be envious of others or harsh on yourself, because no one really has it better. We all struggle, although many try to hide it.


Don’t be afraid of the Dark. It’s there whether we want it or not. Face and embrace the reality that will allow you to grow and flourish in the Light.




ILLUSTRATION via: V Castanera for contemporist


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