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What Keeps You From Program Success?

Happy Monday!

I’m in the process of launching “Get Unstuck: 30 Days To A Better Body,” which is a 30-day program to teach flexible eating for life, with 30-minute (or less) follow-along workouts.


I am SUPER excited to get this program off the ground! The content is finished but I’m stuck on the delivery portion & website side of things. The seeds of this program have been germinating in my head for a long time, but I had no idea how to get it online. Then I came across Russell Brunson’s “One Funnel Away” Challenge, in which he teaches the steps to putting a program online.


I LOVE each part of the process so far, especially since I have focused on SIMPLICITY for the nutrition portion of my “Get Unstuck” program.  I used to write long ebooks that no one had the time or desire to read. But now I take everything I know that works—particularly all the things I’ve learned about adapting to different body types—and present it in an easy and quick to digest format.


The part that I have (and always have) struggled with is getting the actual program online—the software side of things. This past week, I was really stuck on some technical aspects. I felt the pressure as the “One Funnel Away” Challenge is coming to an end soon…and I am behind.


I have a BAD tendency to fixate as I am a recovering perfectionist. I pour everything I have into a project and allow my expectations to get the best of me. I become strictly outcome-focused, get obsessed and block out everything else.


In this case, I hit a roadblock with a part of the process and have been letting it consume me. The other night I was at my computer, frantically contacting support, tagging random people in the private Facebook group, hoping for answers.


Then I finally snapped out of it.


I realized my goal isn’t to actually create a perfect product online and make it all work in 30 days. My goal is to learn the process and to get enough done to test at the end of 30 days.


When this challenge is over and I’ve learned the foundation of what’s required, I don’t need or plan to execute the technical elements that I am struggling with. I realized ultimately it doesn’t matter if I get this product online in the 30 days, as long as I give it my best effort and learn from each lesson provided.


What are YOUR Barriers to Success?

Brunson’s Challenge was a good reminder for me. When I fixate, I overcomplicate and allow an issue to consume me–and that is a barrier to my success. Perfectionism is like a drug that takes over your mind and clouds your judgement. Deep down, you know it’s not good for you–yet you can’t help it. I hope that sharing my experience can serve as a reminder, should you ever fall into the perfectionism trap.


If you can identify what prevents YOU from finding success, you can prepare for it, create filters to help block the triggers, and create a system that will help keep you in line.


At times we do need help, especially if it’s as serious as a drug/alcohol dependency.  Yet even with addiction, nothing works unless the individual is ready for change.


It doesn’t matter what aspect of your life you’re addressing: making change is messy and full of highs and lows. But through it all  you must be aware of where you are at, what is working, and what is not working.


So today I ask you, what keeps YOU from success?


Feel free to share your answer–I want to hear from you! I do read and respond back, ya know  : ^)





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