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Is Your ‘When’ Now?

Happy Monday!

The famous consultant and author Stephen Covey created a four-quadrant system for productivity to illustrate the possibilities of where we can spend our time so can we can become more aware and intentional. Here’s the Cliff Notes version:

  • Top left quadrant: Urgent/Important – our pressing problems/fire fighting
  • Top right quadrant: Not Urgent/Important – strategizing to create a better future, preparation to avoid preventable issues/frustrations.
  • Bottom left quadrant: Urgent/Not Important – interruptions, calls, emails
  • Bottom right quadrant: Not Urgent/Not Important – trivial busy work, time wasters, entertainment etc,.

Stephen developed his quadrant system to increase productivity in business, but the ‘Not Urgent/Important’ quadrant applies to your health and is where your diet & fitness SHOULD be.

Unfortunately most of the population (a whopping 60%!) doesn’t think about fitness & nutrition until it becomes urgent – until their doctor warns them of a health crisis or until an injury occurs.

Even among the minority of those who DO prioritize their fitness & nutrition, their tendency is to wait until clothes don’t fit, or until an upcoming vacation or important event forces them to get their nutrition in check so they look better.

In both scenarios, the lack of emphasis on everyday good health turns it into a pressing problem. Now sometimes its not your fault, you simply just don’t know where/how to start. This can be very scary the further away you get from fitness & nutrition.

For those of you who only want to look good in a bathing suit and vacation clothes, this makes your make fitness & nutrition a frustrating aspect of your life, because you are constantly going on or off a diet (also known as ‘yo-yo dieting’).

Any time you wait until the last minute, you must make emotional decisions that often are not in your best interest and create a significant level of undue stress.


The good news is no matter where you are, YOU can right the wrong TODAY

It doesn’t matter if you’re 100 lbs or 10 lbs away from your goal.

Here’s how:

  • Determine the issue that is currently keeping you from the body you want.
  • Develop a plan or work with a coach to develop a plan.
  • Set a ‘WHEN’ or a deadline for a set of actions you need to do to improve the weak point.
  • Commit to the process! Just as you can’t be half pregnant, you can’t “kind of” want to improve your nutrition. This doesn’t mean you have to cut out the foods you love! It means you need to learn how to work in the foods you love, and to learn to eat for your body type & goals (aka flexible eating).
  • Rinse & repeat!


For most people, the issue is nutrition. If you’re frustrated with where you’re at, you have to consider – did anyone ever really teach you how to eat?

I know you’ve tried a lot of diets, but did you ever learn what actually works for you? Or did you just do what the diet said to do?

The gap between eating clean and eating clean for your body type and goals is HUGE and can prevent you from getting the results you want.

Today is LITERALLY the last chance to register for the Get UnStuck Transformation:


This isn’t some fake scarcity. You will not be able to sign up after today…you will miss out. #fomo

 The Get UnStuck Transformation is for the people who are sick & tired of not knowing what to eat and how to eat, and who want to commit.

You either are ready or you’re not.  If you are not, that’s okay. And in that case, stop beating yourself up. And stop expecting a different outcome.

But if you ARE ready…if your ‘when’ is NOW…here’s your chance.  GRAB IT!!!:




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