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On Finding & Facing Your Truths: Plus, a Confession

Happy Monday!

I learned something in therapy the other day that I’d like to share.


As I was crafting the message, however, I had some resistance pop up that I think you should hear about. So we’ll get into the important take-away from therapy next week


I have never publicly talked about about my counseling. Granted, it’s only been a few weeks but I initially hesitated to share that part of the story. I thought, ‘What will people say? What will people think?’


But then I realized two important things:

1). Who actually cares?
We tend to think people care more about what we do than they actually do. Essentially, we put ourselves on pedestals and make a far bigger deal about personal stuff than is healthy. And anyone who judges what you or I do is actually reflecting their own insecurities! Think about that. I (we) have no space for that in our busy lives!

2). If I can’t admit to counseling publicly–and my mission is to empower people—then there’s a massive disconnect. What about the person in therapy who is ashamed of it, who already has low self-confidence and bigger issues at hand…how am I doing them any justice by holding in my truths? So if that person is you, I give YOU huge props for taking a big step towards self-improvement. Remember, NO ONE has it all together.


I think a major issue with our society is the dichotomy between who people actually are and the perfect images they strive to portray. Not only is this bad for the person who hides their truths, it’s bad for many of us who see people on social media (peers + influencers alike) who seem to have it all together and live a perfect, enviable life. And when you see this inauthentic perfection, you self–shame as you compare your struggles to that perfect image.


Remember, you are human. ALL humans struggle daily. The only difference is some are better at facing the facts, letting go, forgiving themselves and moving forward.


Find Your Truths

Rather than be try to be perfect and compare yourself to an impossible standard, look inward. Ask yourself:

  • What’s really bothering me?
  • Where did this come from?
  • What is real (objective) and what is a story (something you feel/think)?


Garret J White, founder of the Wake Up Warrior Movement, talks about reality vs unreality and how when you face the actual truths (not what you think) you can work to make it better.


But when you focus on the stories you’re telling yourself & self-made limitations, you’re always going to be stuck because you’re trying to fix something that doesn’t exist in real life. And the longer you face this uphill battle, the harder it gets as your thoughts have a way of manifesting what you obsess & think about.


Your Truths Will Set You Free because they allow YOU to be clear.


No BS. No self-made limitations–just here is what it is. You can always improve what is but you can’t do anything with the stories we tell ourselves about our limitations/ self-justifications.


What are you doing or not doing that is preventing YOU from progress?






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