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Today is the Best Day of My Life Because...

Happy Monday!

The cross section of self discipline and self forgiveness is where the magic is.


We put entirely way too much pressure on ourselves. We say and believe things like ‘progress not perfection’ yet it’s so hard to LIVE it each day amidst the stressors of our lives.


Recently I started an exercise as part of an experiment that will be the theme of my NEW daily podcast, a book and a journal, essentially answering this one statement:


Today is the best day of my life because…


I will answer that statement with the very first thing that comes to mind; no judgment of how shallow or deep, big or small it might be.


I bet that if we were told we had only today to live, we wouldn’t get irritated about every little thing. We wouldn’t hold ourselves to impossible standards. Rather, we would just be and do what mattered most.


What happens, though, is that the daily stressors & stimulus of the world take control. We sincerely want to do what matters most and not sweat the small stuff. But we get trapped trying to do it all each day, stuck on the stories we create about our life and what’s in it.


The other day I was reading Byron Katie’s “Love What Is” and something she wrote blew my mind and really got me thinking. She asks; How do you know that what you are impatiently waiting for, or where you are rushing to, will be better than RIGHT NOW?


You don’t! It can’t be better because it hasn’t happened yet!


The deadline and goals we are charging towards are all speculation built up on our own thoughts and expectations. Those expectations create unrealistic stress/hype, which makes us treat small annoyances as huge fires.


What if We Could Better Enjoy and Appreciate Each Day?


For years I was chasing happiness as if it was a constant state I could reach and then I’d be set. It’s not. Happiness is an emotion you achieve when the conditions map up – when what you want to happen (your expectations) and the world are on the same page. As you well know, we can’t control external forces in the world like weather, people, intuitions, and so forth. So pursuing a constant state of happiness as an end goal is as elusive as chasing a ghost.


Happiness is fleeting, as it should be. Because if we were happy all the time, how would we even know what it felt like? How could we appreciate it? This is why many philosophies, like Buddhism, insist that there is no good or bad; what is just is.


Some degree of suffering will always exist, but WE give suffering meaning by applying labels like “bad” & “negative.” Yet what if we just accepted our “suffering” for what it is, faced our feelings and then did the work to make our existence better?


This is the thesis I will explore through the podcast, book & journal, and I invite you to join me. Understanding concepts is one thing, but being able to live them is totally different.


The podcast will be launching soon so stay tuned. I would LOVE for you to vote on which cover you like best.


But one thing I would like to leave you with today is to start questioning the thoughts that come through your mind.  Are those thoughts real – universally true – or do you create them from within by your own anxieties & fear?


As you start to “inquire” as Katie says, do not judge! These ‘negative’ (unproductive) thoughts we get come from our ego. The more we fight the ego, the more inner turmoil we face. The ego just wants to be heard; don’t ignore what’s going on inside your head and call yourself crazy! Rather, face whatever it is and objectively question its merit.






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