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What Are You Choosing Not to See?

Happy Monday!

The day before Hurricane Dorian was supposed to hit, we went to the beach to see the waves and get some fresh air while we could.


As we walking on the beach, we could see turtle eggshells literally everywhere.


I was at the beach a week earlier and could not see any turtle eggs; I could only see the markers of the nests. But every time there is a storm, erosion occurs. As layers of sand get pulled away, whatever under the sand gets exposed.


Erosion lends itself to a seemingly universal truth, which is that the conditions of life expose what is already there. The turtle eggshells were already there, but it was the conditions of the churning ocean that exposed them.


The same is true in everyday life.


In business when the economy is booming, you can overcome issues like the lack of communication, weak team members and over spending, but when the economy tightens, these issues become exposed.


If you never do mobility yet sit most the day, every day—even if you regularly work out for 30-60 minutes, 3-6x per week—at some point you’ll experience joint pain. The final straw might be a long car ride or flight or perhaps doing a movement or weight you’ve never done before. But some circumstance will make you notice the pain and finally want to do something about it. Yet the weakness was there all along.


Think about any long term business or intimate relationship you’ve ever been in. Issues that continually get ignored or pushed to the side suddenly erupt when there’s a major fight…and yet those feelings had been brewing for a long while.


It’s uncomfortable and inconvenient to look deep below the surface level to find what’s really going on and address it. Most often we continue to bury layer upon layer on top of these issues. It’s important to understand that just because we can’t see or don’t face something does not mean it’s there.


At some point, a storm will come and expose those issues.


What do you have to address today in order to have a better tomorrow?






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ILLUSTRATION via:  Joe Cavaretta/South Florida Sun Sentinel


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