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The Perfect Day Practice

Happy Monday!

What would the perfect day look like for you?


At first glance, you might envision an elaborate fantasy; for example, waking up in a mansion on a beach in Italy to fresh espresso and a gourmet breakfast. But what if we applied one caveat: you must construct the perfect day within the resources you already have available to you. What then would your perfect day look like?


I did this on my birthday last year, which fell on a Wednesday. I hardly ever take a weekday off unless we go on vacation so figured this would be a good excuse. A few weeks leading up to it, I was thinking about planning a fishing trip, then I was going to rent a jet ski. But as I got closer, I found myself stressing about forcing myself to do something above and beyond the normal. Then I realized that perfect doesn’t have to be crazy or over-the-top. So I asked myself, What would an awesome yet simple day look like?


Here’s what I did on my birthday:

  • Did not set the alarm
  • Watched something I wanted to watch on Netflix (my wife and I have very different preferences on what to watch) while drinking a cup of coffee
  • Went to my favorite breakfast place
  • Walked on the beach
  • Worked out doing what I felt like, without having to rush
  • Got an acai bowl
  • Went to the beach to sit, read and write
  • Had lunch with a friend
  • Relaxed at our place for a bit
  • Enjoyed my wife taking me to an amazing dinner at Michael Jordan’s s 1000 North in Jupiter.


While on the beach writing, I was reliving what a perfect day it was and thought, Why don’t I do this more often?  How can I do more of the stuff I love to do—stuff that I can easily do if I am intentional about it?


Through a lot of self discovery, I realized I had been willingly putting myself through pain. Up until writing this meditation, I’ve often referred to myself as a masochist on various podcasts. But when I checked how to spell masochist, I learned that it commonly refers to someone who enjoys pain in a sexual sense too. Ha ha! Uhhh, that is NOT AT ALL what I’m talking about (ever!) so we are not going to use that word any more!


I digress.


What I am trying to say is I have always made things harder for myself than they have to be. Through a lot of self reflection, I’ve found that from being bullied as a kid and having such low self confidence, I’d overwork because that’s what I thought I had to do in order to have self worth….as crazy as that sounds, it was true for me.


So whether it was do 5 day juice cleanses, or strictly diet every few months, do the hardest possible workout without rest or work non stop throughout the day and weekend, I had wrongly thought I ‘needed to’ in order to be of value.


Through a series of ups, downs and lots of reading, listening and self reflection, I’ve discovered that there truly is a point of diminishing returns for all things and that how I live my life day to day is way more important than where I think I am working towards.


Make Every Day Meaningful Doing Things That Mean the Most to You


And so, I looked at that ‘perfect birthday’ and started working towards incorporating the most meaningful items into my life as often as possible.


Here’s what I am doing regularly since:

  • Not setting an alarm on Sundays
  • Having at least one acai bowl a week
  • Moving my ‘off day’ from training on my busiest work day of the week and sitting on the beach for an hour every Wednesday
  • Most importantly, I read + write daily, which has evolved into the “The Best Day Of My Life Project’ which is my NEW podcast that is FINALLY AVAILABLE!!!! (iTunes takes forever for approval.)


The things I am NOT doing regularly are:

  • Going to a fancy dinner each week
  • Eating at my favorite breakfast place every week
  • Watching Netflix while having coffee.

While those are a certainly enjoyable, they are much further down on my list of priorities.


I do, however, need to get better at making time for and spending time with friends. ..


Which leads me back to YOU.


What does your perfect day look like, within the resources you already have available to you?


How can you incorporate more of those things into your regularly daily & weekly life?






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