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Thrive, Not Just Arrive

Happy Monday!

In terms of achieving what you want to happen, what if the goal was to thrive, not just to arrive? 


Arriving implies reaching a goal, a destination, a completion. But achieving and then stopping is NOT what life is about.


We tend to want to freeze achievements and accomplishments in time—as if they’re finished and permanent. But as Koyo Kubose said, Add a comma and keep it going. Ultimately life (and so much of my writing ‍:) ) is one long run-on sentence.


Everything as macro as the economy and as micro as the follicles of hair on your head is constantly growing. Yet if we believe that growth is only achieved through positive experiences, we limit ourselves, limit that growth, and limit our ability to thrive (to live well).


From self doubt, to financial struggles, to losing my Dad, to physical injury, to real business & relationship issues—all of these “negative” moments have made me a better person.


Fitness also illustrates this point well. Consider this: muscles & endurance ONLY get better when you induce resistance and challenge.

Give Up Control for Freedom

Whether we want to deal with the natural drawbacks from being an emotional human or not, we have no choice as these experiences will inevitably happen. We do get to choose how we view what happens to us. We don’t have to love it all. But when we accept what is and relinquish the idea of control and holding onto things, there’s an enormous freedom to be gained. We can begin to thrive.


Knowing that every start has an end is actually encouraging. With things we love, there doesn’t have to be a fear that it will be over because we can accept that it already will be, so why not enjoy it more now? Too often we hold onto things so tightly that we bring about unnecessary stress and anxiety.


On the other hand, when you’re going through a really tough time, knowing that it too shall pass is very reassuring. Again, if you try to the control your feelings (in other words, try to prevent them from surfacing), you’ll dig a deeper hole for yourself. What you resist persists. So instead let go and accept what is and know whatever it is will not last forever.


This idea of detachment is the only path that I know of to true freedom. Life is hard enough as is; we don’t need to make it more complicated.


Remove the metaphoric period to things in your life. Then you can begin to thrive and watch your happiness blossom.


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