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A Pragmatic Step to Live Your Best Life

Happy Monday!

As odd as it sounds, good exercise movements are…uncomfortable. You have to lift, push/pull/carry/get up & down – it’s a lot of work, moving your body in a way that is unfamiliar!!!!



But that’s the beautiful thing about fitness; as it introduces us to new ways of moving our bodies, it can be the gateway to unlock our potential in all areas of our lives.



If you regularly exercise past a point of comfort, your fitness level will continue to get better.  For a lot of us, building ourselves up on the outside helps us feel better on the inside. So if you can understand and agree that the only way to get fit is to do things that don’t come easily, why not apply that same benchmark to your everyday life?



When we are training, we are focused on our own bodies. Even though some of us worry that people working out nearby are watching us (uh, they are 99% focused on their own movement, trust me!), our efforts are shielded from critical judgment by the general public.


Step Out of Your Comfort Zone


When we do things outside our comfort zone that will be noticeable to the general public—for example, get a new hair cut, run a 5K, wear a new clothing style, pursue a new hobby or career, or post something on social media—we put ourselves out there for the world to judge, and that’s scary.



I’ve often struggled with being myself vs. being who I think I should be for my role.

As a broke 22-year-old starting my business, the gravity of creating something from nothing to rely on for an income, a career and career for others, was/IS such that it forced me to be more serious/uptight…which is not my true nature.



Over the past 10 years, I’ve toggled back & forth from infusing fun into what we do to sternly keeping the ship on course. I’ve always “colored inside the lines,” because being either too lax or too serious is unproductive. I don’t know if there is ever a perfect balance, but I’ve discovered recently that I’ve been holding back the creative side of myself out of fear of betraying everyone else by not just being/doing the things I “SHOULD” do.



But what I’ve learned is that if you don’t express yourself in whatever way you feel you should inside, it causes regret and ultimately results in pain.


Express Your Inner Self


So today I am encouraging you to step directly into what you feel you want to do, say, and be. As scary as seems, it is a million times worse to look back and wish you lived more of your true self.
Because you, me, and everyone else; we do not get that time back.


Whatever that internal whisper is for you, let it out!  But let go of any expectations you might have attached to go it. Often, when we do hard things that scare us, we tend to expect instant rewards or for others to notice. As adults, we have to learn not to expect or need external validation when we do something new a few times or for a few weeks/months. We need to get out of our comfort zone and do new things simply to satisfy ourselves.


PRACTICE listening to your internal whisper every day; not for any external outcome, but for the fulfillment of being your true self. Because that is the only way to truly live your best life!





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